sales channels

Opet FUCHS, serves the retail market throughout Turkey with the distributorship system. This sales channel ensures communication and trade between end user, independent workshops, OPET, SUNPET Petrol stations, wholesellers and the OPET FUCHS. Products and services generated by OPET FUCHS within the scope of distributorship system are delivered to the customer by means of sales representatives whose number reach up to 100 throughout Turkey.

The distributors responsible for sale and marketing of products and services on behalf of OPET FUCHS. Within this scope, OPET FUCHS supports its distributor in this sales channel with all kinds of marketing activity, campaigns, trainings, field applications, visual brand applications, motivation meetings, outdoor activities and award programs.

Management of the dealership system is monitored on the level of Regional Manager within OPET FUCHS and supervised by Sales Managers.

Personal training programs, trainings on sales and marketing and award programs for sales team are held regularly by dealers so as to improve the knowledge of employees and maintain their motivation above a specific level. Further, training operations devoted to end users are conducted throughout Turkey OPET FUCHS Lubricants Training Bus with the perspective of on-site training.

You can contact our Indirect Sales team to gain information about OPET FUCHS Madeni Yağ San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. company dealership system and to be a part of the OPET FUCHS establishment.