about us

We commit

To produce the products that comply with requirements and expectations of the customers in line with Vision and Mission of our Corporation in a manner which is suitable for the environment and human health,

To ensure full customer satisfaction in all areas where we operate,

To manage our resources efficiently in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders,

To achieve our objectives by continuously improving our Management System,

To ensure efficient human resources applications in order to develop team spirit and to obtain competent human resources and to provide training support in this direction,

To achieve growth at targeted markets by relying on Total Quality Approach,

To comply with all Laws and Regulations on Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Mineral oils and additives,

To prevent environmental pollution and minimize wastes arising from processes,

To carry out and to improve continuously the requirements of current Quality, Environment Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System in line with relevant standards,

To avoid injuries and occupational diseases by minimizing hazards and risks,

To contribute to economy of country by showing respect to values of Opet Fuchs, environment and society