Cookies Disclosure Statement

We, as OPET FUCHS MADENİ YAĞ SANAYİ TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (to be referred to as "OPET FUCHS" or "COMPANY" hereinafter), make use of cookies, pixels, GIFs, and such other technologies in order to improve your experience while you make use of, or visit our web sites (to be referred to as "SITE" hereinafter), applications, or any and all of the other online or offline channels (all the aforementioned channels shall altogether be referred to as "PLATFORM" hereinafter) we put to your use in the digital environment.

Use of these technologies is performed in compliance with the legislation we are subject to, Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (to be referred to as "PDP LAW" hereinafter) being in particular.

What is intended with this Cookies Disclosure Statement is to inform you regarding the procession of your personal data being collected as a consequence of the procession of your personal data by way of collecting them via the cookies, pixels, etc. being in use while you are using the PLATFORMS. We hereby would like to explain you which types of cookies, and for which purposes we use cookies in our SITE and application, and about how you may control these cookies.

As OPET FUCHS, we may either give up using cookies in our SITE and application, or change the types and functions thereof, or add new cookies in our SITE and application as well. That is why we reserve our right to amend the provisions of this Cookies Disclosure Statement anytime we would like. Any amendment that has been applied to the up-to-date Cookies Disclosure Statement shall become effective upon its announcement either in the SITE, or in the application, or in any publicly open channel as well. You may find the date of the latest update at the end of the text.

You may find detailed information about the purposes of processing your personal data by our Company in the Opet Fuchs Madeni Yağ Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi's Policy on the Protection and Processing of Personal Data placed at  Opet Fuchs Internet Website Cookies Information Notice


Method and Legal Basis of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data are collected on the legal basis intended for the legitimate interest of our Company by means of cookies at the electronic environment during your visit in our SITE, or use of our application. The marketing and advertising activities, which are performed by targeting and profiling methods, are applicable only upon your express consent. [HÇ1] Your personal data collected may further be processed for the purposes stipulated hereunder within the scope of the conditions and objectives of personal data procession stipulated under the Articles 5 and 6 hereof.

Parties to whom, and Purposes for which Personal Data may be Transmitted

As OPET FUCHS, we may share your personal data falling within the scope of this Cookies Disclosure Statement with our suppliers, legally authorized public institutions, and with real persons for any purpose limited with the fulfillment of the aforementioned objectives.


For which Purposes are the Cookies Used?

As OPET FUCHS, we use cookies in our SITE and application for various purposes, and process your personal data by means of these cookies. The aforementioned purposes are mainly as follows:

To perform the basic functions that are necessary for the operation of the SITE and application. For instance, the members having opened sessions, shall not need to re-enter their passwords while visiting the differing pages in the SITE.

To analyze, and to increase the performance of the SITE and the application. For instance; integration of the different servers over which the SITE is operated, determining the number of the ones having visited the SITE, making adjustments in its performance settings, or facilitating the search of its visitors.

To increase the functionality of the SITE and the application, and to provide ease of use therein. For instance; sharing with third-party social media channels via the SITE, remembering the usernames, or search queries of the visitors in their next visits to the SITE.

To perform customization, targeting, and advertising activities. For instance; displaying advertisements in relation with the fields of interests of the visitors according to the pages and products they view. 


Cookies being used in Our SITE and Application

You may find below the types of the cookies being used in our SITE and application. Both first-party cookies (those being placed by the site you visit), and third-party cookies (those being placed by the servers other than the site you visit) are being used in our SITE and application. [HÇ4]

How can I control the Use of Cookies?

The preferences of our visitors and users about the use of cookies matter the most for us. However, it is also necessary to use compulsory Cookies for the operation of the Platform. We may also remind you that, in case you are to turn off certain cookies, certain functions of the Platform shall thereby deactivated in part, or as a whole.

Information regarding how you may manage your preferences about the cookies being used in the Platform is given as follows:

  • Visitors are enabled to customize their preferences about the cookies by way of changing the settings of the browser they view the Platform respectively. If allowed by your browser, you may change your preferences about the cookies over its settings. Thus, although varied by the respective opportunities offered by the browsers in use, data subjects are enabled to block the use of cookies, prefer to be notified before cookies are to be used, or to deactivate/delete some of the cookies.
  • While the preferences in this respect may vary by the browsers in use, you may access to a general explanation via the address of . Preferences about the cookies may have to be redone by the visitor on each and every device he/she is to access the Platform.
  • Click to deactivate the cookies being managed by Google Analytics.
  • Click to manage the customized advertisement experience being provided by Google.
  • Preferences about the cookies being used by most of the companies for their advertisement activities may be managed over Your Online Choices.
  • You may use the settings menu of your mobile device if you would like to manage the cookies on your mobile devices.
  • You can customize your preferences about cookies by changing your browser settings.
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Your Rights As a Data Subject:

As per article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law, you have the following rights:

  • to learn whether your personal data are processed,
  • to request respective information if your personal data have been processed,
  • to learn the purpose of personal data procession, and whether these data are used in accordance with the intended purpose,
  • to know the third parties at home or abroad to whom your personal data are transferred,
  • to request correction of your personal data if they are processed incompletely or incorrectly, and notification of third parties to whom your personal data are transmitted regarding the process carried out in this respect,
  • to request deletion or destruction of your personal data if the reasons for processing the same have ceased to exist, although it has been processed in accordance with the PDP Law and other relevant laws, and notification of third parties to whom your personal data are transmitted regarding the process carried out in this respect;

To object to occurrence of any result, if any, which is to your detriment by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems;

  • To demand indemnification of loss if you suffer loss due to the illegal procession of your personal data.


You can send our Company your applications regarding the above mentioned rights by filling out Data Subject Application Form which is available at Data Owner Application Form.  Your application will be concluded free of charge as soon as possible according to the nature of your request, and in any case within thirty days, at the latest; however, if the transaction requires additional costs, you may be charged according to the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board.